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Cooking Methods

You can easily get by with just a few types of cooking methods. 

But, can you imagine the culinary power you would wield if you knew how to use all of the major cooking methods? People would bow at your feet when you braised short ribs that melted in the mouth. There would be nothing you couldn’t accomplish.

Ok, maybe I’m getting carried away. But, the more methods of cooking you know, the more delicious food you can make. And isn’t that what we’re all after?

Each of these cooking methods was drilled into me at Culinary School, and every one of them has come in handy during my work in restaurant kitchens. I’ve also had a lot of fun bringing this knowledge home with me to the more relaxed environment of my home kitchen. Some of the methods are similar, but they each provide unique benefits.

By better understanding each cooking method, you will open the door to endless cooking possibilities. And thankfully you don’t need to go to culinary school to learn the ropes.

Here are 18 of the most important and versatile cooking methods that you can (and should) try at home.

Sprinkling bacon and basil atop succotash recipe.

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