Cooking School

A few simple tools, techniques, and culinary principles will help you prep meals at home as if they’ve been done by a pro. Our team has compiled a library of helpful guides based on their time in pro kitchens to help you get there.

Culinary Principles

There are A LOT of things that happen in a pro kitchen that most home chef’s won’t practice in their own. Some of this is out of the simple practicality that the goals and demands of a restaurant are much different than the exercise of getting food on your own table.

But there are a few core principles that we can gather from the pros about how to stay clean, organized and in touch with the dish we’re preparing beyond the step-by-step instructions we’re emulating for tonight’s dinner.

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Learning Recipes

We believe the function of a recipe should be that it helps you learn how to cook without one. Our recipes focus on providing practice with culinary principles, practical cooking techniques, and a cultural background on a dish so that you can understand why it is made the way it is.

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Common Ingredients

You don’t need to know everything about every ingredient in your kitchen to become a great cook, but understanding a few basic aspects of the most common ones can go a long way to leveling up your cooking.

Our team is creating an extensive resource about the most common ingredients you’re likely to encounter in your culinary exploration. 

We cover ingredient profiles, basic techniques on how to prep, and suggest a number of substitutes for frequently used ingredients.

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