About The Creator

Hi, my name is David. I am the creator of Kitchen Ambition, and have been cooking seriously for about 10 years. Originally, I’m from the American South. Gathering with family and friends around the dinner table has been a tradition since I was young, but my interest in the kitchen didn’t actually begin until I left home in my 20s.

My work as a community organizer kept me always on the go for the better part of a decade. Among the most rewarding aspects of that season in my life was that I got to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and around the dinner table connecting with new people. At every stop I was amazed by the distinctive flavors, tools and culinary traditions I was welcomed into.

The spirit of bringing people together is what fueled my passion for cooking, but as I spent more time in the kitchen I found cooking to be incredibly meditative and gratifying as well. 

Kitchen Ambition founder, David Lewis, and his family.

About Kitchen Ambition

I created Kitchen Ambition to help everyday people learn the skills and principles that will take their home cooking to the next level.

While most of our creators have spent time at culinary school or working in professional kitchens, the focus of all the guides and review content on this site is to equip beginner and intermediate home chefs.

For most of us, cooking at home is a very different exercise than what you’ll find happening behind the doors of a pro kitchen. Sure, there are a lot of lessons that everyday cooks can borrow from the pros, but we also deal with different limitations and (often) greater room for creativity in the dishes we prepare.

Learn To Cook Without A Recipe

Our goal is to teach you how to cook without a recipe.

We believe that understanding a few simple tools, techniques, and culinary principles will help you prep meals at home as if they’ve been done by a pro.

Use What You Need, Lose What You Don’t

We are advocates for functional minimalism. In our view anything that you bring into the kitchen should have a purpose, and should bring joy as you use it in pursuit of fulfilling that purpose.

In a world that so heavily promotes novelty, we strive to eliminate tools that don’t work well or are infrequently used. Anything that isn’t actively engaging you and bringing joy on a regular basis is just clutter.

Impact The Planet

We value the connection between our kitchen and the earth, and try to apply cradle-to-cradle thinking to the decisions we make and the content we create for this website.

We examine the supply chain of items that we use or review, think about their durability and usage, and consider what happens once they have passed through our hands and to the next place. We compost. We recycle.

And we do our damndest to bring products and ingredients into our lives in an ethical fashion. 

Get To The Point: Flavor & Fun

For most of us, our lives and primary energies aren’t dedicated to cooking.

We want to make healthy decisions, to feel smart and accomplished in our abilities, and to offer our culinary gifts to the friends and family who gather around our table.

The windows of time we have to build good cooking habits are small. And we don’t have all day to read reviews, or search for the perfect recipe. We need to learn quickly, so we have time to act.

We’ll always try to get to the point, so you can spend your time focused on the things that mater – flavor and fun.

Our Team

I love getting my hands dirty in the garden, and shortly thereafter the kitchen. It’s amazing.

And while I’ve now spent thousands of hours researching, testing and writing about home cooking, I wouldn’t consider myself an expert. Just an ordinary guy, trying to learn and share as I go.

Fortunately, beyond my own experiences, I’ve been able to collaborate with a team of professional chefs, cooks and bartenders with decades of combined hands-on experience in a variety of different cuisines and cookware.

William is a classically trained chef, who spent years cooking in top NYC restaurants before bringing his talents home.

– William Mack

Brian brings a decade of kitchen and bar experience from some of America’s top food cities like New Orleans, Chicago and Portland.

– Brian Adee

Jessie is an on-the-go mother of two, who takes pride in introducing her kids to fresh, healthy options from local growers. She’s also an amazing photographer.

– Jessica Annmarie

As much as possible we take a hands-on approach with our recipes and reviews. We also lean heavily on the insights gathered by our creators across decades of cooking in professional and home kitchens. We consult with other cooks, restaurant owners, and subject-matter experts periodically as well.

Kitchen Ambition founder David Lewis slicing an onion.