What Is Kitchen Ambition About?

Learn how to cook through practical “how-to” guides, in-depth articles, and step-by-step instruction.

Founder of Kitchen Ambition, David Lewis

My name is David Lewis. I run a small kitchen, micro-bakery, and coffee roastery from my hometown in the American South.

For as long as I can remember, the social aspect of food has drawn me to the table. But it wasn’t until 2015 that I discovered my love for creating things in the kitchen. 

At the time, I was spending $5 for a pint of fresh salsa and eating 3 containers every week. Simply stated, I couldn’t afford it! The realization that I could create a bigger and better product for less money in my own kitchen was my personal tipping point. I was hooked!

Fast forward nearly a decade, and I’ve been growing and preparing food for my community ever since. 

I created Kitchen Ambition as a place to share how to do this thing I love, the way I learned how to do it so far – let’s see how it goes! Since 2020, we’ve been gathering a team of culinary veterans to help explain the secrets of cooking in plain English.

This website is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to cook your own food.
  • You want to improve your quality of eating, within a reasonable budget.
  • You want to find creative ways to share your food with others, for food or income.
  • You want to understand culinary principles that will allow you to cook without a recipe.

Come be a part of our community that ranges from beginners to top experts in the culinary field. 

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OUR MISSION is simple

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We want to teach 1,000,000 people how to prepare and share their own food.

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We Believe

Anybody can create a great food experience.

A few simple principles can unlock a creative culinary universe.

How food reaches the table has lasting social, personal and planetary impact.

Any person should have access to healthy, delicious food.

Shared food is an ingredient for strengthening community.

All food has a story.

Editorial Process

Our team has spent thousands of hours researching, testing and writing about home cooking. Each of our articles was carefully crafted using original content, for the purpose educating readers to become better in the kitchen. 

Our contributing team has combined decades of hands-on experience as professional chefs, cooks, bakers, and bartenders. Many graduated from top culinary schools. 

And some of us are simply “learning in public.” 

We find this balance of deep experience and “just learning,” allows our content to relay best practices from pro kitchens side-by-side with what it’s actually like to learn and master a new skill from someone who is actively doing just that.
If you ever find something that could be improved, contact us at hello@kitchenambition.com

Meet Our Team

William is a classically trained chef, who spent years cooking in top NYC restaurants before bringing his talents home to Colorado. Now a stay-at-home dad, William has brought his passion for professional cooking home, where he continues to cook and bake for his wife and daughter.

Freya is a trained pastry chef with over 20 years of professional kitchen experience, cooking and baking everywhere from high-end restaurants to classical bakeries. Some of her interests include Qigong, foreign languages, and songwriting.

Jasmine graduated top of her class from culinary school and has continued cooking and baking ever since. Alongside her passion for food, she is a total bookworm, writer, and editor. You can find her bookish ramblings on her website and bookstagram @voraciousbibliophage(.com).

Ryan worked the Twin Cities circuit as a line cook, sous chef, and kitchen manager for over 15 years. Though he doesn’t cook professionally anymore, he loves to share his restaurant expertise with anyone that needs a tip. Once a cook, always a cook.

Jessie is an on-the-go mother of two, who takes pride in introducing her kids to fresh, healthy options from local growers. She is an author and documentary-style photographer focused on natural light work with food, families and community organizations.

David is the creator of Kitchen Ambition, and has been cooking seriously for about 10 years. Originally from the American South, the spirit of bringing people together fueled his passion for cooking.

Brian grew up cooking alongside his Mom in the Midwest before moving on to over a decade of kitchen and bar adventures in New Orleans, Chicago, and Portland, Oregon. While he’s hung up his apron as a professional in the food industry, Brian continues to innovate and explore in his home kitchen and loves to share meals with friends and neighbors.

Product Review Process

Some of our articles feature independently chosen and reviewed products, which we think represent best-case solutions to common problems our readers might encounter in the kitchen. All of our reviews are based on independent research and testing. If you click on a product link in our content, we may earn a commission on some purchases at no expense to you.

Write For Us

We’re always looking to connect with great culinary creators, and periodically we add contributors to our team. Email hello@kitchenambition.com with your portfolio and a note about what you’re looking for to make an introduction.

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