PolyScience Sous Vide Professional Classic Review

After working in professional kitchens for a decade, I’ve used several commercial sous vide set-ups. And the PolyScience Classic Series Immersion circulator is probably my favorite.

Unfortunately for us, this model is no longer in production. I’ll share my experience with this product below in case you find one on auction – closing restaurants are always dishing out used gear at bargain prices.

If you’re in a pinch and need a commercial immersion circulator today, there are several good alternatives. Many of the current production models are smaller, more powerful and more cost effective than this PolyScience original. You can also see my tips for home-use models here.

I’ll also drop a quick recommendation to my preferred alternative at the bottom of the article.

What we like

  • Accurate and stable cooking to within 0.09 F of your desired temperature
  • Proven to be incredibly durable in the most demanding kitchens
  • Removable cage makes cleaning easier than the rest

What We don’t

  • Production is discontinued, so now it’s hard to find.
  • Very expensive
  • Larger than many other options


PolyScience’s Classic Serious sous vide immersion circulator is one of the original machines to be used in many best restaurants around the world.

Today’s models have gotten smaller and sleeker. But, this unit is still the gold standard for accuracy and durability in professional settings.


It can handle water baths up to 8-gallons, has an auto-restart function, and has a dual-speed water pump for more precise circulation control.

The temperature accuracy of this model is just a hair better than their Chef series, which has recently been rebranded as “Creative” series. It will maintain your desired temperature within 0.09 F rather than 0.1 F.

And while that won’t make a difference in any real-world scenario, it’s nice to know that you have the best.

Design & Control

The design and controls are two components that really set this machine apart.

The overall look of this circulator is very industrial. It has an open metal cage at the bottom that lets you clearly see the stainless steel heating coil and pump. The entire cage can be quickly removed, making cleanup and maintenance very easy.

Controlling this model is done through a single rotating knob. This allows you to set the temperature as well as enter a “lock-out” mode so that the temperature cannot be accidentally changed while it’s cooking.

There are also three preset functions. These can be set and saved with any temperature you like. A simple, but useful feature that allows you to quickly access frequently used temperature settings. 

The Bottom Line

This product does the job, consistently. There’s a reason it’s been trusted in the best kitchens around the world for so many years. When it comes to temperature stability and overall durability, this model has no rival. 

Unfortunately, once Breville took over PolyScience culinary products this model went out the window. It’s a shame, really, even though the size and design could have probably used a modern face lift.

My recommendation?

Try the Breville Polyscience Creative series, which is still in production, instead. I’ll drop a link below. It’s more compact and portable than the Classic, and still quite powerful.

Also, be sure to check my recommendations for a commercial vacuum sealer to pair with it.

PolyScience CREATIVE Series Sous Vide Immersion Circulator
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