10 Tasty Sides To Serve With Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is one of my favorite comfort foods. 

It’s also the only soup my son will eat, so anything that passes his picky palate is something I will always consider a fan favorite. 

As a kitchen manager, it was an easy seller that could stay on the menu and be served every day.

Homemade or bought from the store, chicken noodle soup is versatile and is suitable for both lunch and dinner. 

I’ve gathered my favorite sides to serve with chicken noodle soup, and I’ve organized the list from lightest to most heavy, with consideration for how much you may want for a meal. 

Celery Stick

soup with celery sticks

This is the lightest and easiest side to have with chicken noodle soup when you don’t have a lot of time and just need a little something extra.

I like to place a stick of celery in the bowl, and take bites when I need a little crunch.

Bonus points for celery functioning as a secondary spoon as well.


noodle soup with crackers

Carbs go great with soup, and crackers are a quick and easy way to load up on them.

Crackers do a great job of filling out a meal, and can be served on the side or in the soup.

A small bowl or dish of saltines on the side, or oyster crackers in the soup can go a long way toward filling you up with minimal added effort.

Just see what you’ve got in the pantry!


traditional chicken soup with chips

Potato chips are always a go-to snack. While I can easily turn a bag of chips into a meal by itself, we will focus on it as a side.

Chips are great at providing a complimentary texture and crunch to chicken noodle soup. They are easy to serve on the side and have little to no preparation.

Just grab and open a bag to complete an easy lunch.


pita bread

Fresh pita bread is an underrated side to soup.

Right from the bag is fine and easy, and warming one up doesn’t take too long either.

Pita’s chewy texture goes well with soup, and you can even fold it into a makeshift spoon to scoop up soup with. I’m a big fan of spoons you can eat!

If you’re feeling ambitious, have some time, or just want to try something different, consider this fried pita chip recipe.

French Baguette

soup with french bread

Slices of French baguette go great with chicken noodle soup and can be very filling, and are easy to prepare for both lunch and dinner.

French baguette is chewy, but unlike pita, it can absorb broth better. There is something very satisfying about sopping up the last bit of broth with a piece of French baguette.

French baguette works as a side on a plate, or right in the bowl.


soup and crosontini

Crostini are small slices of bread that are toasted or grilled. Using a baguette of french bread or ciabatta is how I’ve always prepared them.

Crostini are commonly served with bruschetta on top, but even alone make a great side to chicken noodle soup.

You can make a lot of these at once, and when they are cooled, the individual slices will hold at room temperature in a sealed container for a few days without getting stale.

They also serve double duty with dipping and acting as little spoons.

Here is an easy recipe for crostini.

Pro-tip: Slicing a frozen baguette with a knife is much easier than when it is fresh and has the added benefit of retaining its shape. It is very easy to crush and deform a baguette if you slice it when it’s fresh. 

Garlic Bread

Chicken noodle soup with garlic bread

Garlic bread is easy to bake in the oven while you’re heating soup. When you time it right, you get a warm and comforting meal.

Garlic bread is a zesty carb to complement chicken noodle soup. It can be filling, topped with cheese, and provides more flavor than pita, French baguette, or crostini.

When you have some time to prepare garlic bread, it is suitable for both lunch and dinner.

Try this quick and simple garlic bread recipe that works really well with soup! 


salad side dish

Soup and salads pair well and are filling without being too heavy.

The freshness and nutrition of salad can balance out a hearty meal without piling on the calories. 

Not even a full salad is necessary.

I’ve had regulars at the restaurant request a small bowl of grape tomatoes, just so that they had something fresh to munch on.

Here is an easy salad that you can pair with chicken noodle soup.


sandwich side dish

There is a reason that soup and sandwich specials are so common at restaurants and cafes, and it’s because they go so well together.

It can be relatively low effort, and depending on the sandwich, it can round out a lunch or dinner.

A BLT is always a great choice for a moderate lunch, and it’s simple to put together.

Grilled cheese isn’t married to tomato soup! It is a fine side to chicken noodle soup and can make the meal quite filling.

As a lead line cook who made specials, one of my best sellers was chicken noodle soup and spicy tuna melt. It was nothing too crazy, and all I did was add chopped jalapeno and swapped mustard out for a sriracha aioli. But it earned a lot of praise and made me feel like a magician.   

Here are a couple simple recipes for grilled cheese and tuna melt. Don’t be shy and feel free to modify with what you have on hand or to curtail to your tastes.


Pierogi on a plate

For a filling and satisfying dinner, pierogies are my go-to side with chicken noodle soup.

Pierogies are dumplings made with unleavened dough, and can be filled with savory or sweet ingredients.

For the purposes of soup, savory is the way to go.

Pierogies can be boiled and steamed but are often pan-fried before serving. This is great when you have a lot of time for supper.

Topping them with some sour cream can add a nice tang to the overall flavor profile of the combination of chicken noodle soup and pierogies. 

Here is my favorite pierogi to use when I’m looking for a really hearty meal.

What To Serve With Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

Any of these sides go just as well with creamy chicken noodle soup, but I find that a salad works well so I don’t feel so bloated, and a French baguette is great when I don’t have a lot of time but am very hungry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bread goes with chicken noodle soup?

My favorite kind of bread to go with chicken noodle soup is French baguette. Its chewy texture goes great with it, and absorbs broth without getting too soggy. 

What are the best noodles for chicken noodle soup?

Spiral egg noodles are the most traditional, but really any pasta will do. Consider what you have on hand, and long noodles can help give it a homestyle feel.

About the author

Ryan worked the Twin Cities circuit as a line cook, sous chef, and kitchen manager for over 15 years. Though he doesn’t cook professionally anymore, he loves to share his restaurant expertise with anyone that needs a tip. Once a cook, always a cook.