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Best Portable Electric Stove

Having worked in my share of dorm rooms and cramped apartment kitchens, I know the value of a compact kitchen appliance. The best portable electric stoves can be a great kitchen helper for anyone, as long as you know what to look for. Take a look at my top picks below, also chosen for their power, control, safety, and style.

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Best Slide-In Electric Range

If you’re looking to add a bit of extra style to your kitchen, finding the best slide-in electric range can add that custom-built quality. However doing the research can take time, effort, and the knowledge to know what to look for. That’s why I’ve lent my experienced eye to the cause and put together this list of top products. Check out some of the models for yourself and see which you like best.

Best Electric Range

Those shopping for the best electric range have plenty to consider, with dozens of high-end models and a dizzying selection of features. A big part of my career as a food writer is about investing the time and effort to sort through these options and narrow down the list to a selection of top picks that balance power, versatility, and quality. Take a look at my favorites and see if any match your needs.