T-fal Nonstick Pan Review

This French brand has stood the test of time, with roots dating back to 1954. The product was the brainchild of Marc Grégoire, whose wife proposed coating her cooking pans with the same material he used to coat his fishing gear. Voila! the nonstick frying pan was born.

Since then, T-fal has remained a recognized leader in non-stick cookware. They take pride in innovation, and their research and development team is constantly delivering new goods, from cutting-edge fryers to modern countertop grills. But their original non-stick pan remains their crown jewel in the history books of cooking.

T-fal Total Nonstick Fry Pan Cookware Set
$75.99 $53.19

The T-fal E93808 is a practical and affordable pan that’s perfect for at-home kitchen use. The PTFE surface allows for stick-free cooking and easy cleaning, saving time in the kitchen. It’s not the highest quality on the market, but for the price point and practicality it will still be a great fit for most kitchens.

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02/18/2024 09:07 pm GMT

What we like

  • Even heat base for even heat distribution.
  • PFOA Free Nonstick With PTFE
  • Dishwasher- and oven-safe at temperatures of up to 350° Fahrenheit.

What We don’t

  • Lids not included.
  • Compatible, but not ideal for magnetic induction cooking.
  • Like all nonstick cookware, limited durability.

T-fal E93808 Professional Nonstick Fry Pan

The T-fal E93808 professional nonstick fry pan is sold individually at 8”, 10.5” and 12.5” sizes. You can also purchase as a bundle including all sizes. We like the 10.5” for most stovetops, and 12.5” pan if you commonly prepare large portions.

The heavy gauge aluminum construction allows for fast heating while the stainless steel base makes this pan compatible with any cooktop including induction. The nonstick interior is scratch resistant and safe for use with most utensils. We recommend against metal utensils with this product.

The T-fal E93808 is dishwasher safe and the brand claims the pan is oven-safe at temperatures of up to 350° Fahrenheit. 

The thermo-spot indicator in the center lets you know when the pan is properly preheated. T-fal also offers a lifetime limited warranty. The handles are ergonomically designed for an easy grip, adding security when carrying hot items in the kitchen.

What We Like

This T-fal pan won us over with its user-friendliness and practicality. You can put it in the dishwasher or the oven, and the manufacturer suggests it’s compatible with gas, electric, ceramic, induction and halogen heat sources. While we generally recommend hand washing your pan, many owners provided feedback that their pans held up in an electric washer.

The pans thermo-spot temperature indicator is an advantage, especially in a busy kitchen. It turns red when the pan reaches a proper preheat temperature and is ready for food to be added. 

What We Don’t Like

The T-fal nonstick frying pan is on the affordable end of the market, so it might not come as a surprise that this product has some limitations. Some kitchens find the convex bottom to be an issue when cooking runny items. It’s tough to find a fitting lid and depending on how frequently you use it, you may find the coating peeling. 

Durability may be an issue, especially for those who cook a lot. This issue is common with non-stick cookware, and if you are prioritizing durability first you may consider an alternative material such as carbon steel or cast iron.

What to Know Before You Buy

Are T-fal pans safe?

T-Fal pans are constructed with PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene, which is one of the slickest surfaces known to man. Twenty years ago there were well-documented environmental safety issues raised about the manufacturing process for PTFE.

We wrote an extensive article on the subject,

Read More >> What is PTFE? Should I Be Concerned?

The subject is complex, and we recommend reading the full article if you have time and interest. In short, there is no evidence to suggest that using a new PTFE non stick pan in your kitchen will cause you harm.

Is the nonstick any good?

Yes, the nonstick coating on the cooksurface makes cleaning much easier. There’s no need to scrub with pot scrapers. Another benefit of the nonstick surface is that it minimizes the need for cooking with oil or butter. This allows for healthier cooking choices.

How long do they last?

T-fal offers a lifetime limited warranty on their nonstick pans. You can download the warranty terms for the product you purchase on the manufacturer’s website. Note that the company’s cookware warranty covers only domestic use, not professional or commercial kitchen use.

Is T-fal the same as Tefal?

Yes. Tefal and T-fal are the same French brand. The two different terms are simply marketed differently. The name “T-fal” is more commonly seen in the U.S. market. The name Tefal is a combination of the words teflon and aluminum.

Can T-fal pans go in the oven?

Yes. According to the manufacturer, T-fal pans are oven-safe at temperatures up to 350° Fahrenheit. If you try to use the pan in heat beyond what the manufacturer recommends, your warranty guarantee will not hold up. You also risk causing damage to the pan or to your oven.

Care Tips

Learning the manufacturer’s care tips will help you get the most out of your pan. We recommend reading T-Fal’s instructions for use of cookware, and learning our helpful tips below. 

Only use low and medium heat settings.

High heat may damage your pan and void the warranty. Use medium or medium-high heat for frying, stir frying or sauteing. Low heat works well for simmering and preparing most sauces. Never use these pans to flambé. When pre-heating the pan, the Thermo-Spot pattern will become invisible behind the red indicator when overheated.

Let the pan clean before cleaning.

Temperature shock occurs when your pan changes temperature quickly, which is incredibly easy to do if you attempt to clean the pan before it has cooled. This can cause warping or deterioration and flaking of the non-stick material.

Cook with a high-smoke oil.

Choose an oil with a high smoke point for use with your non-stick pan. Avoid aerosol sprays and low smoke lubricants like butter. These cooking fats burn easily and can create a difficult to clean residue on the surface of your pan. It is common for pans to scratch while an owner is attempting to muscle off burnt residue that is stubbornly stuck on.

Preheat the pan before cooking.

The Thermo-Spot heat indicator will help you determine when the pan has reached proper cooking temperature, approximately 375 F. Add a drop of cooking oil and watch for the spot to turn solid red. Preheating will prevent food from sticking and help you create a crisp exterior to your food. 

Alternatives To Consider

There are a variety of non-stick alternatives to consider if the T-Fal E93808 doesn’t match the requirements of your kitchen.

Starfrit The Rock

Starfrit The Rock 11" Fry Pan
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02/19/2024 05:33 am GMT

If you’re looking for a premium option at an affordable price, The Rock by Starfrit is our bargain pick for PTFE-free non-stick cookware. We really like it for the price because of the design and durability compared to similarly priced competitors. The quality is really high, especially for the price. 

Scanpan Classic

Scanpan Classic 11 Piece Cookware Set
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02/18/2024 09:52 am GMT

The Danish cookware brand offers 10 lines of nonstick cookware, across a wide range of price points. We like their products, although we recognize that many of the “premium” lines are simply cosmetic upgrades. Scanpan Classic is the brand’s entry-level set. It offers the best Scanpan performance without extra cosmetic frills.


GreenLife Soft Grip Ceramic Cookware
£143.99 £120.15
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02/19/2024 05:02 am GMT

GreenLife makes a decent medium heat pan for a discount price. For chefs looking to add a splash of color to their kitchen, these pans are offered in 7 distinctive colorways. 

Our Recommendation

Nobody wants to finish off a delicious meal with hours scrubbing pots and pans in the kitchen. The T-fal nonstick pan saves time and is a practical addition for home cooking. We also like the fact that it’s possible to cook with less oil or butter. For newbie chefs who aren’t sure about preheating, the thermo-spot indicator keeps things simple. 

Finally, we love that this pan is dishwasher safe. While it might not be the most durable and it’s definitely not for a professional kitchen — some peeling may be evident after a matter of months — this pan can hold its own for home cooking.

T-fal Total Nonstick Fry Pan Cookware Set
$75.99 $53.19
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We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 09:07 pm GMT

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