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peeled garlic in bowl

How To Peel Garlic Fast

  • Author: Ryan Limbag
  • Total Time: 3 minutes
  • Yield: Varies


Learn how to peel garlic cloves fast and easy, with or without a knife. Here are four methods to prepare garlic for chopping and mincing.


  • Garlic bulbs


Pinching And Twisting By Hand

  1. Hold a clove of garlic between two hands lengthwise between your thumbs and fingers
    pinching garlic with hands
  2. Pinch and twist to loosen peel

Rub And Roll Between Hands

  1. Hold a clove of garlic between the palms of your hands
    rubbing garlic between hands
  2. Rub and roll clove between palms in a “warming up your hands” motion to loosen peel
    peeled garlic in hands

Whack With The Base Of Chef’s Knife

  1. Place clove on hard cutting board or surface
    garlic on wooden surface
  2. Press the broad side of the knife, near the handle, against top of clove
    whacking garlic with knife
  3. Make a fist and give the area above the clove a swift whack with bottom of your fist to loosen peel
    garlic after whacking it with a knife

Shake In A Container Or Between Two Mixing Bowls

  1. Place several bulbs of garlic in a large covered container or by putting too mixing bowls together
    two bowls on top of each other with garlic
  2. Shake vigorously up and down, and side to side, using the friction of bulbs rubbing against each other to remove the peels
    peeled garlic in bowl
  • Prep Time: 3 minutes
  • Cuisine: Any

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