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After running side-by-side comparisons on dozens of high-end brands, considering style, power, safety, size, and other factors, I’ve boiled-down your search to the best of the best induction ranges. Take a look at my top picks, and decide for yourself which is a perfect match for you.

Best Overall: Verona Designer Series Induction Range Oven

Verona Designer Series Induction Range Oven
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What distinguishes Verona’s Designer Series induction cooktop is the way it pairs professional-level performance with features that make everyday cooking easy. Made with care in Italy, the quality materials and attractive design of this range will add a spark of refinement to any kitchen.

Five sealed induction elements arranged conveniently over the surface of the range allow you to handle everything from elaborate feasts to simple weeknight meals with ease. Each of these cooking zones are boost-enabled, meaning they automatically match their power output to your cooking needs. Whether you’re looking to boil water in the blink of an eye or get an even sear on your favorite cut of steak, this cooktop can handle it all.

Pair that with a true convection oven, and you can always count on quality results. The dual interior fans and circular heating elements cook your foods evenly and the 30-inch wide oven with interior capacity of 5 cu. ft. is big enough to accomodate cakes and roast meats of all sizes.

It’s a good choice for almost anyone, but especially buyers who are willing to pay a little extra for artisan quality. While it may be one of the pricier induction ranges on our list, this black stainless steel induction cooktop feels well-made, with a long list of small perks that show their commitment to quality. Soft-close hinges, a beveled oven door, porcelain oven interior, smooth-turning knobs, and black glass ceramic surface add up to a range that will look elegant in any kitchen for years to come. 

Feature Spotlight: Verona Designer Series

  • CHOOSE YOUR POWER SETTINGS: 5 sealed elements and a total of 7 different power outputs ranging from 1,850W to 5,500 allow you to fine-tune your cooking while enjoying professional-level performance.
  • WIDE COOKING AREA: A 36-inch wide range means multiple pots and pans won’t leave your cookspace feeling cluttered. 5 cubic feet of oven space lets you fit up to three wire racks.
  • EUROPEAN CONVECTION OVEN: Dual interior fans and circular heating element ensure your oven is free of cold spots, letting you put the perfect finish on your baked goods.

Most Convenient: Frigidaire Gallery 30-Inch Front Control Induction Range

Longtime fans of induction cooking should already know that it’s one of the most simple and convenient cooking methods available. An easy to clean surface, consistent power output that can be fine-tuned at the push of a button, and cool-to-the-touch cooking surface make it an ideal choice for those who prioritize simplicity and safety.

Frigidaire’s Gallery induction range offers all of these benefits and more, with an electric cooktop designed with busy home chefs in mind. Its simplicity-oriented design is on full display on the digital touch control panel, which lets you saute, bake, broil at the push of a button. It also offers an air fry option which is as easy as it is delicious.

Those who are used to scraping out the inside of their oven every six months will love the steam self-cleaning option. It doesn’t use any harmful chemicals and keeps your oven fresh without an extra effort. The oven itself offers a capacity of 5.4 cu. ft. making it sizeable enough to accommodate three separate wire racks for multitasking. The powerful convection fans and third heating element always ensures even heat distribution.

While it only offers a total of four burners, the range of sizes and power output they deliver still matches the versatility of five-burner cooktops, leaving plenty of room to maneuver. It’s all packed into a small 26 by 30-inch footprint, with a slide-in design made to fit seamlessly into your kitchen’s unique style. If you prioritize simplicity and convenience, this will be the perfect option for you.

Feature Spotlight: Frigidaire Gallery Series

  • SLIDE-IN INDUCTION RANGE: Complement your kitchen’s unique style with a stainless steel induction range that fits seamlessly with your cabinets and countertops.
  • SELF-CLEAN OPTION: Steam clean the inside of your oven at the push of a button and in as little as 30 minutes–no chemicals, odors, or hassle.
  • AIRFRY ENABLED: Try the first range oven that lets you make simple, healthy meals with that crispy fried texture you crave.

Best for Tech-Lovers: Cafe Slide-In Smoothtop Induction Range

Cafe Slide-In Smoothtop Induction Range
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Seasoned chefs and cooking novices alike will love this 30-inch smoothtop induction range by Cafe. Its array of high-tech features are offered to simplify the cooking process, and put all of its power at the tips of your fingers.

The wifi connect feature allows you to control your induction range from any room in your house, using a sleek interface available through your smartphone. It’s a great option to have handy if you want to start preheating on the fly, or tweak cook times and temperatures while skimming your favorite recipe. It also pairs perfectly with the Chef Connect feature, which opens up an entire library professionally-guided video recipes made to hone your culinary skills.

Behind all the cutting-edge features, Cafe still offers one of the highest-rated induction cooktops on the market. Five cooking zones with 3,700 watt induction elements, 6.7 cu. ft. of oven space with convection heating, and a responsive LED control panel will streamline your cooking. The oven is split between compartments, letting you bake, roast, or broil at different temperatures in the upper and lower oven.

You’ll really get a feel for the quality of this induction range when you try the stainless steel dials for yourself. The analog-style knobs make it easy to fine-tune temperature and have the feeling of custom-made quality. Plus, they’re backlit, which is a small touch that will bring an extra level of flair to your kitchen.

If you’re a lover of all the latest kitchen gadgets, don’t pass up this range. There are plenty more features to explore that will add a whole new dimension to your meals.

Feature Spotlight: Cafe Smoothtop Range

  • 11-INCH, 3,700-WATT INDUCTION ELEMENT: Precise heating paired with the power that top-level chefs prefer.
  • EASY-CLEANING RANGE AND OVEN: The smooth surface of this range makes cleaning simple, while the ovens’ steam cleaning option makes for no-hassle maintenance.
  • WIFI CONNECTIVITY WITH CHEF CONNECT: Gourmet Guided Cooking lets you follow along with video-guided recipes while your range automatically adjusts temperature and cook time.

Others We Considered

A few more options that are great, but didn’t make the cut.

While all of the best induction ranges listed above get top scores for power, safety, and user-friendly features, they’re not the only options on the market. See some other quality induction cooktops that might be a good fit for your kitchen.

General Electric PHS920SFSS Stainless Steel Slide-In Induction Range

This General Electric slide-in induction range offers a sleek design, wide cooktop, and a convection oven with steam cleaning functionality. Its four burner design is both powerful and versatile enough to handle a range of everyday cooking tasks.

Stacked up against other slide-in ranges, its 5.3 cu. ft. oven and  3,700 watt Power Boil heating coil are certainly impressive. However, a number of users complained that the range suffers from maintenance issues, and a questionable customer service policy. Plus, the digital control panel is nearly flush with the cook surface, which isn’t ideal for safety.

Bosch HII8055U 30-Inch 800 Series Induction Slide-In Range with 4 Cooktops

What helps Bosch’s 30-inch slide-in range stand out are the various cooking modes and other electronic features designed to simplify your cooking experience. 11 specialized cooking modes let you cook pizzas, roast meats, prove doughs, and more with the push of a button. The electronic meat temperature probe takes some of the guesswork out of preparing chicken and pork chops. There are many other features available on this range, and they stay easily manageable through the digital interface.

Unfortunately, several reviews complain of frequent fluctuations in oven temperature, and while Bosh advertises quick preheating times, in reality, the oven can take as much as 20 minutes to reach the desired temperature.

DACOR DTI36M977BB Modernist 36-Inch Kitchen Induction Cooktop

Those looking to try a drop-in induction cooktop stand to benefit from a sleek design that fits seamlessly into their kitchen. Dacor’s 36 Modernist cooktop is just that, with 4,800 watts of boost power and nine flexible heating modules. It boasts a truly high-end look, complete with virtual flame–a nice touch that helps you know when the range is on.

It can be the ideal option for anyone who wants a top-notch induction range without the oven, or if you plan to pair with an independent wall oven or double oven. Just be sure it’s a commitment you’re willing to make for the long-term, as finding a replacement brand that fits your layout isn’t always easy.

Buyer’s Guide: What Features To Look Out For

Choosing the best induction range ultimately comes down to knowing what features to look for, and which ones matter most to you. Be on the lookout for all of the following specs when making your decision.

Freestanding, Drop-in, or Slide-In Range

There are three main types of induction range used in home kitchens today: freestanding, slide-in, and drop-in. While all of them offer similar functionality, the way they fit into the overall layout of your kitchen varies greatly.

Freestanding ranges are some of the most simple and common. They consist of a cooktop situated above an oven. The major advantage they offer is that they are designed to be positioned anywhere, whether alongside your counters, or apart.

A slide-in induction range differs slightly from freestanding, with a slight overhang on the cooking surface that is designed to transition seamlessly to adjacent countertops. This, combined with precise sizing, gives any slide-in induction range a sleek, custom-built look.

Drop-in ranges are the most minimal option, fitting snugly into your countertop or kitchen island. They don’t include an oven or storage drawer, so it’s best to think through your kitchen layout carefully before choosing a built-in induction cooktop.

If you’re looking for a compact and portable way to heat a single pan, a portable induction cooktop may be the way to go. While it may not be the answer to everyday cooking needs, it’s always handy to have on hand.

Power Rating

It can be tempting to think that high-wattage induction elements equals greater cooking power, however this is only true to an extent. Most cooking applications only require low to medium power, about 1200 to 1800 watts. When your heating element produces more than this, it will cycle off and on to achieve the desired temperature.

So what’s the use of an induction cooktop with a high power rating? High wattage matters whenever you’re looking to heat things quickly. The best induction ranges often boast 50% faster boiling than a gas or electric range, and this is why. It can also be useful when using a wok.

What’s more important than a high watt-count is greater control over your power settings. Look for ranges that offer heating elements in a range of sizes, or ones that can alternate their wattage based on your cooking needs.

Size and Capacity

The size of your range is one of the fundamental concerns when choosing the right option for your kitchen. First, it needs to fit snugly in the space you have available. Especially if you are going with a drop-in or slide-in range, you’ll need to measure the space carefully or hire a professional to handle the installation.

When it comes to cooking, more size equals less clutter, and even additional heating elements. Don’t settle for anything less than a 30-inch surface, though 36 inches can be a benefit worth investing in. Wider units can also mean more oven space. Three to five cu. ft. (cubic feet) can be a good goal to aim for. The largest ranges can even include a double oven or extra warming drawer.


As mentioned above, choosing the best induction range is more about the versatility of your heating elements, rather than raw power. You want to have a range of different coil sizes to best accommodate different cooking tasks. Ideally, these should be configured in a simple and convenient way.

Simply put, the magnetic field generated by your electric induction coils work best when they fit the size of the pan you place on them.  While a wider coil diameter allows you to accommodate pots of different sizes, smaller coils leave more space for you to maneuver. In the end, it comes down to finding the right balance.

Convection Oven

Today, many of the best high-end induction ranges also come equipped with convection bake ovens. This can be a major advantage when trying to achieve even heat and consistent cooking everywhere in your oven. The way it works is by positioning one or more fans inside the oven, which helps circulate heat, and allow it to pass over the food as it cooks.

Convection cooking can be especially helpful when baking pastry or pie toughs, as the added air circulation gives more rise and a flakier texture. Roasted meats and vegetables also benefit with more even browning.

Safety Features

As with many cooking tools and appliances, it’s always a good idea to consider safety features carefully. Overall, induction cooking is safer than gas or electric cooktops, as it offers greater temperature control and doesn’t have a hot surface that can burn your hands.

If you’re considering a built-in electric induction cooktop, try to avoid ones that feature touch-controls that lay flush with the cooking surface. If your pan slides over the panel, it can damage the electronics and potentially cause a fire hazard. Another simple feature to be on the lookout for are 3-prong plugs, which can help prevent short-circuits.


Today, induction ranges can include any number of high-tech features, from air frying ovens to wi-fi connectivity that lets you control your oven remotely. This opens up a whole world of possibilities that make it easier to prepare meals and have more fun while you cook.

On a basic level the control panel is a good place to start. There is certainly no shame in choosing old-fashioned dials, as they can offer greater control and responsiveness. However if you’re interested in going digital, touch controls can put more options and cooking modes at your fingertips in a streamlined interface.

A more recent technological advancement comes in the form of video tutorials programmed into your electric range. Some of them will even automatically adjust the cook time and temperature, serving as a useful learning tool for home chefs who want to broaden their culinary horizons. 

Finally, one must-have feature for busy bakers is a self-clean option. This feature uses steam to wash away caked-on grease and grime that would otherwise take hours of hard work to remove.


Your induction cooking range’s warranty speaks to the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of their product. The lack of a warranty is never a good sign, so be sure to look for a minimum of a one-year limited warranty. If you can find one that extends to three or even five years, you can find even greater peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn everything you need to know about induction ranges here.

What Advantages Does an Induction Range Offer?

There are plenty of ways induction ranges have an edge over gas or electric ranges. One of the main advantages is that they are the most energy efficient. In fact, induction is up to 100% as energy efficient as gas, and about 50% more efficient than electric. This saves on your monthly utility bill, while also reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

The smooth surface of induction cooktops offer a few advantages all by itself. It’s easier to clean with the simple swipe of a wet rag, and blends more seamlessly with countertops. Because of the way induction technology works, you’ll never have to worry about burning your hands on the heating unit.

Want to learn more about the benefits of the best induction ranges? Take a look at our comprehensive guide.

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Do They Have Any Drawbacks?

While induction cooking offers a number of benefits, there are also a few obstacles to be aware of before buying your own. One of the biggest ones is having to buy specialized cookware. While many of the pots and pans you use at home are compatible, there are a few materials to avoid. You can find more information on this below.

Also, when compared to an electric or gas range, induction ranges tend to be more expensive. While you can make up this cost in the long run by saving on utility bills, the higher upfront cost may be a hurdle for some buyers.

What Makes Induction Different from Gas and Electric Ranges?

Induction ranges work by generating a magnetic field to heat your pots and pans with precise temperature control. This means that the cooking surface itself never gets hot. While the lack of a visible flame or glowing coil may sometimes make it difficult to tell whether or not your range is on, some models include a virtual flame, which illuminates your cookware to send a clear visual cue.

What Additional Costs Should I be Aware of?

In the long-run, the best induction range will actually save money with its energy efficient design. However, this can be offset by the higher upfront costs they demand. The other major cost that comes with buying a new induction range is having to buy compatible pots and pans if you don’t already have them.

Should My Induction Range be Making a Noise?

Some users of electric induction ranges may notice a soft humming or buzzing while their heating elements are activated. Rest assured that these sounds are completely normal, and don’t mean there is something wrong with your range. Often, a faint humming can be heard when your cooktop is operating at high power, heating up, or cooling down. The sounds can also be due to your oven’s fan.

Do I Need Specialized Cookware for an Induction Range?

Induction ranges use electromagnetism to heat cookware, which means only specialized cookware made of ferrous metals (those that contain iron) can be used. This includes cast iron, enameled cast iron, and some kinds of carbon steel. If you’re not sure whether a pan you want to buy is compatible, be sure to check in the product description first.

If you want to use copper, aluminum, or ceramic glass pans, you can find options that include a specialized coating on the bottom. 

Learn more about induction compatible cookware in our full guide.

What is a Range Hood? Do I Need One?

Depending on what types of meals you’re cooking on a regular basis, a range hood can be an important addition to your induction range. It’s job is to improve the air quality in your kitchen, removing smoke and odors that come off of your food as it cooks.

The total cost of a range hood can vary anywhere between $400 and $1500. While it is certainly an investment, it can make all the difference when cooking at a high heat, or working with spicy foods.

What do I Need to Know About Cleaning and Maintenance?

When it comes to cleaning an induction cooktop, a light touch is often your best bet. Avoid steel wool or corrosive cleaners as they can damage the surface. Also, be sure to clean your cooktop after each use, as drips and drops left over the heating elements can harden over time.

Are There any Safety Concerns Associated With Induction Ranges?

The truth is that an induction range can be one of the safest ways to prepare food. However there are a few safety tips to keep in mind to avoid unnecessary injury.

First, be aware of what objects you place on your induction cooktop. Metallic objects like spoons or knives can heat just as easily as a cooking pot, and should be kept away from your range. Also, keep electronics and magnetically-charged items like credit cards at a distance.

If your control panel is flush with your cooking surface, be mindful of the placement of your pots and pans. Placing a hot pan on your electronics can damage your hardware and create a potential fire hazard.

Our Recommendations

Finding the best induction range means gaining access to a whole new level of convenience, energy efficiency, and cutting edge features. For me, the right choice will always be the one that balances power, versatility, and a sense of style that fits into my kitchen.

That’s why Verona’s Designer Series takes my top spot. This freestanding induction range oven brings professional-level performance into your home, with a selection of features that make everyday cooking simple. Whether that means heating up to five pans at once or enjoying the quality build of its stainless steel dials and handles, you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re looking for a slightly more practical option, you can’t go wrong with Frigidaire’s Gallery 30-inch Front Control Induction Range with a helpful smart-cleaning feature that will save time and effort. Similarly, lovers of high-tech kitchen gadgets will appreciate Cafe’s Smoothtop slide-in range for its wi-fi connectivity that opens up whole new ways to learn while cooking.

Verona Designer Series Induction Range Oven
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